Vartiosaari Artist House has a guest room thanks to the support of the Saastamoinen foundation. We organize both short term residency programs for international and local artists / researchers working in the context of Vartiosaari island. 
The residency / studio program was launched 2023. 
The invited guests have created personal works and collaborations with our members, students, visitors, artist colleagues, and educators sharing their engaging projects and workshops with the public during our ongoing events.
*Currently the residency / studio program is by invitation only.
Special Thanks To:                                                                                          The Saastamoinen Foundation / Helsinki, FI                                                        *Support for the 2023-2025 Artists House Studio Residency Program.                    
2023 - 2024 Residents:                                                                                         Lenka Cernotova, (Prague, Czech Republic)                                                    Mateusz Scibor (Warsaw, Poland)                                                              Katarzyna Sobcka (PL/UK)                                                                                  Kärt Ojavee (Tallin, Estonia)                                                                                  Erro Yli Vakkuri (Helsinki, FInland)                                                                    Carlos Gutiérrez and Tatiana Lopez (Bolivia)                                                Allesandro Rolandi (Italy - *Currently based in Berne, Switzerland)                    Shitou & Ming (China - *Currently based in Malmo, Sweden)
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