Vartiosaari Artists ry are currently looking for new art practitioners and members to join our association. You can apply for a: MEMBERSHIP with access to the Artist house + allotment garden / events / exhibitions / workshops.
120€ / year
This call is open to practitioners from different backgrounds and nationalities. We prioritize artists, architects, ecologists, designers, filmmakers, musicians who would like to work in close connection with the island itself in a shared, safe working environment with a holistic approach to the island and local inhabitants.
The people behind the Vartiosaari Artist ry work across a range of media as artists, film makers, researchers. Vartiosaari's (‘Guard Island’) primordial nature and its various inhabitants have largely remained intact regardless of its close proximity to the urban centre of Helsinki. Our non-profit organization is interlinked with the endangered development of the island. By instigating cooperation and exchange between local groups of artists, ecologists, and cultural workers, we aim to preserve the island's biodiversity, social tissue and cultural heritage.
To apply for a MEMBERSHIP, send us an email to, where you tell us why you would like to join, what artistic or research project plans you would be interested in developing in collaboration with Vartiosaari Artists ry and if you have a connection with the island already. The open call for memberships is ongoing throughout the year. 

More info on what the membership includes:
1. Access to Artist house shared space which includes:                                      Kitchen, living room, and workshop / presentation space.                                 
2.Access to Artist house boats on a 1st come 1st serve basis. If the boat is used it is a responsibility to communicate with others who may arrive throughout the day that one shall pick up others on the dock.                                                        *Summer hours there is a ferry operating daily from 10am-7pm
3. Access to book the 1st floor workshop / presentation space for personal screenings or workshops, exhibition, etc. 
*This is a shared raw work space and is not a functioning gallery but periodically one may consult the association to plan solo or coordinate with other members activities related to their practice.
4. Access to participate in Vartiosaari Artists ry’s annual art events.
5. Access to our allotment garden. We would prioritize association members who are interested in working and cultivating a collaborative garden in connection to Vartiosaari island.
What are the membership fee’s for? 
1.Maintenance costs for maintaining the artist house & artist boat.
2.Fee’s associated with putting on our annual August art events and workshops. 
*Note: No fee’s are used by any Vartiosaari member or artist house renter for personal use.
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