Dear Islanders,
Let’s fill our old boats with soil and plant potatoes!
Boats will be located and setup in different areas on Vartiosaari island. Between 2022-2023 I grew potatoes in an abandoned boat that someone years before me filled with soil. I reactivated it and planted two species of potatoes. On the island there are many abandoned and broken rowing boats. Perhaps you might have a broken boat that it’s too hard to fix and you are unsure what to do with it. Potatoes and kale are easy to cultivate and delicious vegetables for both human and other species.
These past months have been very challenging times for Vartiosaari. Needing a new source of energy and support I propose to fill the old broken and discarded boats with soil, dirt and compost and grow their plants for comunnal use. Rowing boats are the only way to commute to the island throughout the year. They are a communication device, which establish new dialogues and perspectives with the island and between spaces.
The initial days for the project would be JUNE 3rd-9th 2024. Before APRIL 1st, we can meet online and share ideas and resources on how to create these “Floating Gardens”. I will take care of bringing soil and compost to the island. I collected as of right now 3 boats that could be used for the project. Activating a communal spirit, I will take care that we eat and drink together and spend some time-sharing stories around the fire. Both Finnish and English language will be used. You can choose to participate for the whole event or even just 30 min.
If you would like to take part in the project, please send me an email: 
Sending lots of warm energy,                                                   
Monika Czyżyk

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